FireAngel – protect what is important

FireAngel – protect what is important

As a dad of three, I think often of the little ones’ safety and security, including when we’re in our home. As a techie, I’m always tinkering with innovative products and today is all about the FireAngel Pro Connected smart alarm system* 🙌🏻.

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Our home came prefitted with a couple of mains powered smoke alarm in the living room and landing together with an additional mains powered CO alarm in the kitchen. However, it all felt a bit like the 90s.

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It took me just a couple of weeks since moving in to swap all the lights in the house with a smart light system, one so intuitive that even my kids know how to control it, remotely, from my phone. And by the same token, it was now the time ⏰ for the alarms to get a safety upgrade.

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FireAngel took the initiative to interlink their smart alarms (#fire, #CO, #heat) so when one alarm sounds, they all sound 💪. And I was thrilled to install the FireAngel Pro Connected smart alarm system in our home and test it.

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Installation was a breeze and with everything setup and manageable at the touch of a button, I know I can now sleep better 😴 💤

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Further, using wireless tech, a smart app which I have installed straight away from the App Store and their Smart Gateway, I can now control the alarms with my phone, wherever I am.

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I can test all my alarms, get notified about any errors or faults and have complete piece of mind when at home or on our family trips - all through the convenience of the Fire Angel app.

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Did I mention that silent (yes, that's a feature) testing can be run at the touch of a button with only the app? How cool is that 🙌.

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To find out more about why my family and I loved the FireAngel Pro Connected system check out my Instagram.

*PR product