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It’s been 11 years since we were both dreamy students with lots of plans and no clue about how far we’d get together. We didn’t even think about co-sleeping dramas, teething, grumpy babies, mushy pea stains, witty poo talks or nursing pads. Neddless to say I never thought I’d become the man spending weeks researching on baby carriers and changing bags (now I’ve got two baby changing bags!). But here I am now talking buggy life and eco diapers…

Nonetheless, I’ve learnt that making time for ourselves to take it all in is so important. Celebrating your other half aka tribe co-sleeper survivor with a bit of shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift feels nice. It’s true, the no anniversary, out of the blue gifts are always winners, but when it comes to festive seasons I’ve been learning from my mistakes: Do. Not. Show. Up. Empty. Handed! Ever! Despite her saying ‘darling, you shouldn’t have!’

This year I went for a more unique gift which would surely tick more boxes on her wish list: great accessory (when I actually understand women’s fashion), smart, sustainable, green because it’s actually made of wood, therefore the choice was rather easy: this pink watch. She’s already wearing it which is a good sign I might have nailed another great present (yet it’s only fair as not long ago she surprised me with a wooden watch from the Jord men’s shop, so I can’t honestly say the inspiration wasn’t there).

For more browsing inspiration, here’s women’s shop.


Nonetheless the wooden watch was still very much a surprise from the moment she opened the beautiful presentation wooden box to the moment I put the watch onto her wrist. The only downsize is that Amelie doesn’t seem to understand that this watch doesn’t fall into any teething jewellery categories!



Today you can enter to win a $100 credit to use towards a Jord wooden watch of choice by entering this GIVEAWAY. Regardless of the outcome, every participant who doesn’t win still goes home with a special 10% off discount code by entering.

The contest will close February 11th at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and the 10% off codes will expire on 2/25.

Good luck!

Photography credit Anna Pawleta Photography 

Wooden Wrist Watch

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