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Dads in the kitchen. The Hello Fresh Flavour Generator

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I’m not sure I’ve shared much about my busy lifestyle and (according to my wife boring) work as a Finance lawyer, unless you’ve been following my journey as a working dad on Instagram. You’d know then that as soon as I escape the intense board meetings or way-too-long conference calls and my need-more-colour office walls (no matter how cool my view there on the 21st floor is) I rush back home to a fireball 3 year toddler, a third trimester bun in the oven and my cravings fighter wife. I often wonder if they really miss spending their evenings with me or if they miss my exceptional cooking skills more.

My better half and I have a verbal agreement in place (binding under the laws of England & Wales) I’m proud to say I haven’t broken (yet): twice a week dinner is on me – and the very strict contract conditions are: it must NOT be take away as that’s considered cheating, but a genuine fresh home cooked treat which must start at a decent hour so the toddler could also get involved in the cooking process.

As I’m rather proud of my Latin origin, I tend to embrace Mediterranean cuisine quite often. No matter how relaxing and fun cooking usually is for me after a long day at the office, I’m constantly on the lookout for inspiration: I’ve been told king prawn linguine (my signature dish) is not the ideal dinner serving twice a week, hence I should work harder on my recipe variety.

That’s why I got excited when I was asked to try the newest tool HelloFresh has recently created, the Flavour Generator. Lucky me, this week I’ve had the chance to have a little play with it. It’s meant to help anyone discover new and exciting recipes based on favourite cuisines and tastes. I know we are all busy individuals with long working hours and tiny humans waiting for us at home, but this takes pretty much 10 seconds and you could then be on your way home, stopping by corner shop getting all the ingredients you need, so that’s your shopping list simplified! That’s exactly what I did this week, I aimed for Italian food with a spicy touch, HelloFresh generated my flavour and I got a brilliant recipe. I went for the pan fried sea bass with golden saffron mash, piquant chorizo salsa and sugar snap peas. It was the very first option I was offered and the one that I eventually chose (it’s like they’re reading your mind!), but you can play around with flavours depending on your cravings and choose from various recipes.

We tried Hello Fresh recipe boxes several times before, however that was to some extent a convenience exercise. This time round, HelloFresh’s mission is to make meal planning simple, dinners exciting, varied and foremost delicious and I think they’ve done a pretty good job once more.

Happy the toddler joined in and helped us with this 30 minute straightforward recipe. It was fun following 6 easy steps and the result was even better than my clumsy plate presentation. the following gallery speaks for itself…

Follow HelloFresh on Instagram for more cooking ideas. Surprise your better half with a creative freshly cooked meal 😉



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