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Truth is I don’t know much about children fashion or baby gear, but when it comes to conducting research in any kind of area, I take it as a challenge. Recently, my wife Aly @allmumstalk took me out on what she called ‘a family date’ (which usually means either work event, reviews, or a photoshoot for her blog).

This time we went to Bubble which is a London’s bi-annual baby & kids tradeshow. It takes place in the Design Centre in Islington, which according to Fuse Communications is ‘featuring over 250 exhibitors and a comprehensive seminar programme which includes interviews with many of the industry’s movers and shakers’. Movers and shakers indeed.

As my work days are usually busy doing a very different type of work – I’m a Head of Legal for a startup in Finance – as exciting as that may sound, it’s rather nice to go for a different activity including my passion for photography gear  although less fond of the editing part!). I took my Canon 6D Mark II and tried to pretend I knew kids fashion, when let’s be honest, that’s an area where my other half excels more! Yet for me the best and most interesting part was checking out new tech built in children products like Egg helmets or Bobux shoes. The gallery below should speak for itself.

Nonetheless, before I forget, as part of the bullet point notes dictated by my wife (I’m still learning the ropes of blogging), I must mention how great it was watching the team behind Fuse Communications in action (a great PR agency created by Shoshana in 2005, an expert in PR and marketing, ‘to offer brands – large and small – a personalised communications service designed to feel like an extension of their own business’).

Last but not least, I must also mention a few of the names I recognised without any much help from my kids fashion lover I married: brilliant Tao and Friends with their fun designs and charitable initiatives, Ju Ju Be (where my baby changing bag for dads if from), Rachel Riley I often see my daughter dressed in etc.

I have a feeling  next year I’ll be a pro in naming at least ten brands  😉



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